Says it all doesn't it? This is actually a sign in London: a nice triangle, a camera, Orwell and 'smile you're on 24 hour CCTV'. It makes you think of the 'fascism with a smile' that is being put upon us from the 'top' as we are driven into communism at the 'bottom' - which is communitarianism, and communitarianism's 'balancing' of the individual with the community so that the individual is forced not to exist.

Under Attack

One you have spent some time clearly and methodically examining all the evidence, you cannot fail to recognise the fact that we are being attacked by the very same people who have attacked us for centuries: people who stem from a satanic race.

This satanic a race is connected to the Principalities of the Air, which is THE DIVIDE.

It is a race that is rather like a Cain race in that Cain was the son of Satan and was, really, as I explain shortly, the first internationalist (see INTERNATIONALISM page), reflecting the fact that to be internationalist is to give force to the spirit of Satan, not least because internationalists are, by nature, against independent nations, which means they are against the Bible and the fact that for us to be true to our potential we must know who we are and have reference points, such as national borders, and a relationship with God through His Son that reflect this.

Of course, when I talk about a 'satanic race', we cannot over-generalise here, as even though your origins may be suspect, everyone who knows God exists, and everyone who is capable of love, will eventually enter into the New Heaven and New Earth; for everyone who truly knows that God exists and is capable of love will recognising God through Christ, and will therefore be capable of truly recognisng Christ.

Just as with today, there were times before when these people were a real threat; for example, the Canaanites indulged in all sorts of horrors and interfacing with demons to such an extent that God wanted them destroyed.

Many say that it is religion that has caused all the wars, when they forget that, for example, most wars, most death has been caused by the same type - those who have taken all the top positions of the internationalist corporations and banks, taken over the media and so on.

It is these people who have been behind all the wars.

It is these people who were behind the killing of millions of Germans in the Second World War, which included Eisenhower's 'holocaust' of 1.7 million Germans, the death total of around 20 million other Germans,  the death of 20 million Russians, the murder of Poles, Jews, homosexuals, prisoners of war in the concentration camps, the death of nearly half a million British people - and that's just the Second World War.

Then there were more than one million Iraqis in the Iraq war, and the many killed in Libya, as internationalist funded and managed regime-change kicked in.

Many would no doubt argue that the same internationalists were behind the Armenian Massacres (the Great Crime) in 1915,  and so on. That's because these corporate internationalists  are behind the governments and are known to have been behind the opposing sides of many wars, not least because war makes money and moves power from one man to another, always in the direction of the internationalist.

Democide is a term defined by R. J. Rummel. It means death by government - don't forget, government is a great conduit of Satan's intentions - see my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE. Rummel estimates that over 260 million people were killed by democide in the 20th century.

But we have been warned of this.

The Bible - Revelation 3:9 states: '... I will cause those from the synagogue of Satan, those declaring themselves to be Jews, and are not, but they lie, as you will see, I will cause it that they should come and bow down before your feet...'

So, we are talking about 'Jews' who are not Jews: as I explain in God Makes His Move, it is not the Jews, not least because we must be aware of the definition of 'Jew' and we must, again, be aware that it is not every one of these people.

And, as the Bible warns us, those behind governments today (and for a long time into the past) conspire not only against mankind but also against God. You can find this warning, along with its associated outcome, in Psalm 2:

'Why do the nations gather tumultuously
and the peoples imagine a vain thing?
The kings of the Earth rise in rebellion,
and the rulers take counsel [conspire] together against Yahweh
and against His annointed man?
saying, 'Let's break their chains in pieces
and throw their cords off us.'

(The last two lines above relate to those who think they have freedom by rebelling against God's Law.)

And these people are internationalists. But then, of course, just as Cain the son of Satan was cursed to wander and have no home, or nation, so these people are without a nation, but rather perch on others, and also channel the spirit of Satan.

In short, though, we are under attack by charming internationalist manipulators who stick together and work behind the scenes.

It is unlikely that you will find one of these people not to be a Zionist, for, as far as I understand the evidence, Zionism is about these internationalists perching upon God's land, just as The Divide perches on all that is good, just as ISIS is now - with the help of the Israeli government and other governments, such as the US government along with other NATO governments, and the Saudi government - perching upon other areas that are rich in Christian history.

I would like here to emphasise that not all Israelis are Zionists, and certainly not all those who call themselves Jews are Zionists, not least because Zionism, like more or less all political ideologies, is behind the misery and deaths of many.

And whilst it is correct to point out all these terrible troubles, we must not dwell on them, but rather look to the solution, and/or what is to come (THE EPIPHANEIA) and what we can do about being correctly involved with it. Remember, gaze into the abyss for too long, and you become the abyss.
Meanwhile, here is a short list of how the attack against mankind is manifesting:

1.  UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development' - I have explained this elsewhere and at my website, EndAgenda21.Com
2.  Common Core - this is at the heart of the dumbing down of education in the Republic of America, and is consistent with the dumbing down of education across the world. There is a good book on this subject by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, entitled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
3.  Common Purpose - this is a charity, part of which is about trampling over opposition to those who are acting beyond authority (known in Common Law as 'ultra vires') and therefore opposition to those who are acting illegitimately and unlawfully. Julia Middleton, one of the great exponents of Common Purpose, in her book, Beyond Authority, states, 'We need to nurture leaders... who can still lead when their legitimacy is constantly in question.' She continues, 'I call this "leading beyond authority". It's not about having authority but choosing not to use it.'  It is worth noting that the main lesson from Common Purpose and other courses that teach the undermining of authority (subversion) are satanic or rooted in satanic doctrine. The reason for this is that if you are the only authority in your life then you are God, and it was Satan's lie from Genesis 3:5, 'you will be like Elohim [God]...'. Also, if you are the only authority in your life you will be following the satanic maxim, 'Do what thou wilt - that is the whole law.'
Common Purpose is also about 'CHANGE', which is rooted in Communism ('hence 'continual revolution'), which is rooted in the satanic (see CHANGE page).
This 'charity', Common Purpose, is about  and is involved internationally (of course!) with teaching courses to all from members of councils, police constables, members of parliament. It is a particular favourite of the likes of David Cameron, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson. An informative website on the subject is cpexposed.com.
Remember beyond authority is subversive, and corresponds very well with the 'progressives' and the 'change' programme
4.  Attack against Christianity - the biggest problem for all internationalists is the true expression of Christianity, which is the working in accord with God through Jesus Christ, which is to be in accord with what I am trying to show you on the subject. This is, many believe, and I agree with them, the main reason why ISIS is destroying as many ancient Christian relics as possible, while making inaccessible important historical areas relevant to Christianity. The attack against Christianity is also done via the internationalist, corporate creation, training and funding of ISIS, who are regularly, via the internationalist-owned mainstream media, showing us how terrible they are, calling on 'God' and thereby defiling His name, rendering any calling on God or indeed any true religion offensive, so that people are manipulated into turning to government.
5.  Geo-engineering - I have touched upon this on the PLAYING GOD page.
6.  Food as a weapon - in 1974, Internationalist Henry Kissinger put forward the idea of using food as a weapon in National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. A concise introduction to this subject can be found in the Activist Post article, entitled 6 Ways Food Is Being Used As A Weapon.
7.  Pop music - the entire pop revolution was and is used as a means to trap young people, to take them from their parents, to damage them morally, to give them false gods, to derail them. In our narcissistic and art-orientated days, it is now becoming the dream of far too many young people and people in general to be a pop singer, as if this is a noble thing to do in life. As Frank Zappa said, you will only be well known in the pop industry if you give and take a few favours, or words to that effect (see here). As that video link makes clear, Zappa was most familiar with the internationalist Satanic forces at work, and used his position to warn people of this. Zappa died aged 52 of prostate cancer.
8.  Sports - It is clear that sports and the outrageous government-influenced push of sports, particularly with women taking part in male games such as boxing and rugby, is about SOCIAL ENGINEERING, which includes the homogenisation of men and women under false conditions. Just like music sport is another distraction to what we should be doing.

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