The Growth of Knowledge is rather like flowers - they bloom in the end.

The Growth of Knowledge is rather like a glass or a tank filling up with water - it'll fill in the end.

When you make pin art as in the above picture we see the imprint of the hand - this is like how the combination of Knowledge and Nothing 'imprint' into this realm - the reality is not what we see, but rather the 'unseen', as in 2 Corinthians 4:18.

The Growth of Knowledge

I cover this subject in great detail in my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE. To help you along, at the back of that book I have included an appendix entitled, The Astrology of God in a Nutshell.

However, here I shall try to help you along by giving you another angle on it.

At our very core, we are consciousness, which is what I also call Knowledge.
Knowledge is what is known.

When we know something we are in a relationship with it; when we fully know something we are at one with it. For example, consider a day out somewhere - when you have experienced it, it is now done, fixed, at one with you - you know it, it has therefore added to your consciousness.

So, what is known, or Knowledge grows.

And when you mix Knowledge with what is not known, it is the nature of Knowledge to know, and therefore it is the nature of Knowledge to know what is not known. This knowing of what is not known is what is behind the thrust of the Creation.

Consciousness or Knowledge is found in three overall realms: the Energy (Physical) Realm, the Not-Energy (Spirit) Realm (see SPIRIT AND PHYSICAL REALMS page) and what is the New Heaven and New Earth, or indeed, in EONIAN LIFE, when, owing to a certain level of Growth of Knowledge, the Spirit and Physical Realms merge, first here in this world via Eonian Life and then in the New Heaven and New Earth.

This happens at THE COMPLETION STAGE of anyone's Growth of Knowledge, for the Completion Stage is when the balance of what is known and what is not known in the overall psyche of an individual has passed a critical point in favour of what is known, or unified.

What is not known and what is known can be summed up by the terms the relationship between Nothing and Knowledge. This relationship corresponds with the Growth of Knowledge. So, wherever there is Knowledge and Nothing, we shall have the Growth of Knowledge.

The Physical Realm relates to Nothing and the Spirit Realm relates to Knowledge, and we know (for all must be known) Nothing in an overall way in the Physical Realm and Knowledge in an overall way in the Spirit Realm.

We must have both realms because at the root of all things is Knowledge, which means things must be known, and nothing is known in isolation, and as a consequence all have their polar opposites. So, we have a Physical Realm, which is energy-based. And since we have this, we must also have what is not physical, which is Spirit.

And since we have Knowledge and Nothing and since all must be known, we have clues all around (see CLUES page) us with regard to these two main ingredients of existence. We have, for example, the Sun and the Moon, we have male and female, we have day and night and so on.

And just as a plant passes through day and night as it grows through stages that are universal to all things from beginning to end, so we grow through these stages - first in our life as we pass from birth to death and day to night to day, and then in our entire Existence, when we experience many lives both in this Physical Realm and in the Spirit Realm.

When we are at a certain levels and have shed what has held us back and are more in accord with what is known than not, so we shall be in more accord with what is Totally Known, and He is God, which means we shall, for example, have Eonian Life.

So, our fundamental 'ingredients' are Nothing and Knowledge, which are the 'unseen'  (2 Corinthians 4:18), that which is neither physical nor spirit, but ends up expressing itself through both the physical and spirit.

And so, we have fundamental ingredients that are neither spirit nor physical.

But these ingredients are expressed. And so, when they are in the Physical Realm they we experience around us a physical reflection or impression of our relationship between our personal Nothing and Knowledge.

But since all Knowledge is One, for what is one can only be one, so we are connected to greater relationships between Nothing and Knowledge, which we can see in the Creation around us.

And so, like cogs that are parts of many other cogs, everything moves and grows in accord with everything else. Nothing can be independent of that process, though at times it will feel that way - only when you feel connections with God, Who is the Ultimate Individual and therefore the Ultimate relationship between Nothing and Knowledge, will you begin to feel 'connected', and not isolated at a spiritual level.

And when this happens you will know, because your actions, your understanding and your being will reflect your position.

That is to say, you may want true government, you may want freedom, you may want national sovereignty, you may know Christ and you will not act as much out of accord with God than you might have done.

And so, the Creation is simply the imprint that is made of a dynamic relationship between Knowledge and Nothing.

It is rather like pin art (see images alongside). You can place your hand in a pin art frame and you will see a shape in the pins that is very much like the hand, but is not it. And when you take the hand away, so the hand shape remains for a certain time - just like a body when we die, for when we die our Nothing and Knowledge begins another imprint, which is in the Spirit Realm.

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