Notice in the above images the correlation between the painted version of the Tower of Babel by 16th century Flemish artist, Bruegel and a poster advertising the EU and its 'one voice' and the actual EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Sometimes you have to wonder when a coincidence is no longer a coincidence. Notice the inverted pentagrams (satanic emblems) as stars in the poster.

The EU

The EU is a corrupt communitarian dictatorship, one that has not been audited for decades.

Nations have been deceived into joining, so that only a corporate elite may benefit in the long term as lives and cultures are dragged into the mire.

The EU is about the centralisation of power in the area known as Europe, which centralises globally.

It is about handing national sovereignty to corporate internationalist interests - the very same ones that were behind Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler (see INTERNATIONALISM page).

It is about borderless nations, another Tower of Babel, as former EU posters reveal (see images alongside).

The mainstream media and politicians from all political parties now even behave as if it is acceptable to have a debate about whether or not a particular nation should be in or out of the EU. Such discussions are treasonous, as they are, against the constitution, about the possible handing over of sovereignty to a foreign power - see under 'Supremacy' on the Bill of Rights 1688.

The debates are also ignored, as it is clear that all referendums are fixed, just like all elections, giving you another reason, perhaps, not to vote but to live by COMMON LAW and take your life out of the hands of the government, and place it into the hands of God, and thenceforth live according to God's Law, common sense and true freedom.

Finally, I suggest to anyone who wants to understand the full and severe impact of the EU on the liberties and laws of the men and women in Great Britain to read this superb letter to the Queen from a man whose name is Michael Clarke.

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