The Epiphaneia is certainly  wonderful moment, the most important since 'the beginning'when the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overpower it' (John 1:1:5).

The Epiphaneia

THE EON (the kingdom of God) will follow THE EPIPHANEIA.

The Epiphaneia is a vast realisation of the importance of the Son of God, Jesus Christ; a critical mass that will make all the difference we need.

It also has qualities of divine intervention at a time when all appears to be lost. Hence, Otis Q. Sellers in his book Seed and Bread Volume 1 explains that the Epiphaneia is when 'He [God] makes His move'; and Titus 2:13 states, ‘...the exalted gladly-held expectation, and the favourable intervention of the magnificence of the Mighty God, and of our Saviour Jesus Christ'.

It is clear to me that the astrological marking point of the Epiphaneia is March 23rd 2023or thereabouts give or take a year or so.

This is the moment when there is a clear beginning of a very rare 490 year period, known as the kingdom of God.

I explain this in greater detail in GOD MAKES HIS MOVE.

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