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The Eon

The Eon is can be known as the 'kingdom of God' or the 'kingdom of heaven', but it is more accurately the period of time, or the aeon, when we have the 'kingdom of God' here in this world.

The Eon lasts 490 years, as I explain my book GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, begins around the 23rd March 2023 (give or take a year or two).


The Eon or the kingdom of God can be defined as God's 490 year Sovereign Rulership of the nations through Christ of the earth from the heavens.

Other helpful information on The Eon can be found Otis Q. Sellers' books, Volumes I and II of Seed and Bread.

As it explains in The Eonian Books' The Companion Notes: ‘The Eon has been spoken of since the corruption of Adam (Genesis 3/22). “Eonian Life” is life is life throughout the whole of the Messianic age; for Christ said, “Everybody who is alive and believes in me will most certainly not die throughout the Eon. Do you believe this?” (John 11/26).’ 

The Notes continue:

‘The word translated so vitally as ‘Eonian’ is αἰώνιον (=aionion), an adjective from the nown αἰών (= aion), which is in English an eon (or aeon), an age. The sloppy King James Version consistently translates αἰώνιον (= aionion) as ‘eternal’ or ‘everlasting’, which is a horrific blunder. An Eon is a limited period of time, with a beginning and end. So too does αἰώνιον (= aionion) represent a limited period of time in God’s Books. That is what Christ was talking about, the gift of life throughout a future Eon.

If this were a limited period of time, Christ would not have spoken about the harvest at the “completion of the Eon” (Matthew 13/39, 13/49); Christ would not have said “I am with you all the days until the completion of the Eon” (Matthew 24/3)… and Paul would not have spoken of “this Eon or the one to come” (Matthew 13/32, Ephesians 1/21).’

As you will probably understand, there is a huge and significant difference between the term ‘eternal life’ and life in The Eon (EONIAN LIFE). During the Eon it is prophesised that there will be the kingdom of God, here on Earth.

And if we do not understand this or if we are being misled into thinking about something that is false (that is, only ‘eternal life’ without any idea of Eonian Life), we are not calling for or proclaiming what is real, which causes us to remain in what is false.

Until we ask for the right thing, or at least know what we are talking about, it means we do not understand the right thing, and so we cannot recognise it and so it will be far less likely for it to appear before us.

For how can you look for something if you do not know what it is?

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