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Before you read this page, I must emphasise that I am not legally qualified, and the following is not advice.

What follows has emerged from my own experiences and research.

Members of Local Councils and governments all over the world commit treason.

That's because, amongst other things, they implement UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development', which is a global plan implemented locally, a plan that is designed to lead towards global corporate government and a total shut down of resources, so that the population of the world can be totally controlled and reduced in numbers.

The very fact that local councils and indeed governments subscribe to UN Agenda 21 is treason because it is about giving sovereignty to a foreign power.

As the Bill of Rights, a major part of the British Constitution, under 'Supremacy' states:

'... And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God...'

Just this section also indicates very clearly the treason committed by those involved with the handing over just one iota of Great Britain's sovereignty or power to the internationalist corporate centralised interests embodied in THE EU.

Remember, it was these interests that were behind the First and Second World War in their attempts to destroy, debase and control mankind.

Abetting, or the assisting in a crime is a criminal offence:

Under Sec 8 of the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861  'Whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the commission of [any indictable offence], whether the same be [an offence] at common law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, shall be liable to be tried, indicted, and punished as a principal offender.'

When you know that you are abetting in a crime you are therefore taking part in it.

Since many do not wish to take part in the crimes committed by the corporations (Government departments and local councils and magistrates' courts etc) that have taken over their nation Great Britain they do not pay taxes, or at least reduce taxes by as much as they lawfully can.

The first thing to recognise is that the courts, the government departments, the local councils are all for-profit corporations, with 'customer services'. This is the same all over the world.

Since they are corporations their work is just business. That is, they want customers and clients. You become a customer or client when you contract with any of them.

So, if you do not engage with them in any way, sign nothing, never give you name to them, and only recognise COMMON LAW, the Rule of Law and God's Law, then you need not give them anything.

So, if you are a Sole Trader, you need not contract with HMRC and you need not contract with them and therefore you will be holding back any support for UN Agenda 21, for example.

The same applies to your local councils as far as Council Tax is concerned - if you don't want to contract with them, then don't don't contract with them.

Difficulties do arise, however, when you are contracted with them. 

I have heard that men and women have difficultly unregistering from these corporations, but that it can be done by writing to the CEO requiring (I require - this word is important) that you are unregistered from their corporation, and that their records are updated accordingly and that they have 10 working days in which to respond.

If they do not respond within that time you tell them that they have tacitly accepted (tacitly accept - other important words) your new position. Of course, all letters have to be sent with signed delivery.

Obviously, you are obliged to pay for your debts, which means you are obliged to pay for all that you are contracted to pay.

Mind you, since you could argue that they have breached a contract by committing treason, you might sever the contract as soon as you find out.

There is an easy way to put a halt to your Council Tax, or at least an effective way to voice your opposition. It is to use S.13 a Local Government Finance Act 1992. This allows you to withhold (never refuse) to pay your Council Tax, and give reasons for it to the 'Billing Authority'. So, find out who the Billing Authority is - always get the names - always the man or woman, not the corporation. Then write to the man or woman responsible.

You will probably find that the man or women at the council responsible will try to side step this. If they do this, then send them a letter requiring them to their job or you will charge them. I know someone who experienced lies and deception. But this can be stopped by sending a letter.

They may also try to tell you that the Billing Authority is them, making them judge and jury and accuser. If this happens remind them that under our system of Common Law, the rule of law and our constitution demands that we have a separation of powers.

Difficulties do arise, especially when members of councils act ultra vires (probably owing to their Common Purpose training [see UNDER ATTACK page], which your taxes go towards paying), which is beyond authority, and apply to the 'magistrates' courts' for you to be summonsed, and you are placed under the impression that this is a criminal offence.

But it is not a criminal offence. It is a civil matter, and nothing to do with crime.

However, they aim to make you believe that the magistrates' court is a real court, when in fact it is not. It is basically an admininstrative court, which has no authority whatsoever (see Bowles v. Bank of England - [1913]). In fact these 'courts' are little more than corporate farces, and you need not contract with them.

Your accepting the summons and going to court could, however, indicate that you have accepted their terms. Remember, a summons can only be sent by a man, so it must have a signature of a man or a woman on it.

Remember the maxim - only a man can tell another what to do, and that no man need do what any other man wants him to do.

However, if you write in advance to the man or woman who runs the courts, requiring a copy of the signed contract that bind the two of you. Ask for it to be sent within ten working days, after which if you do not hear from them they tacitly agree to your terms, which are that they have thrown out the case and that if you hear from them again then they agree to pay you fees, say £200 for each letter.

It would also probably be a good idea to write to the CEO of the local council tell him or her that you as man or a women will file a case against him or her.

Often, as they push ahead unlawfully, the case goes to the fake court and the courts gets Rossendales or Marstons the bailiffs to call round. Again, this is a corporation and it has no business with you unless there is a contract between you and them. So, if they call around you might find it helpful to write to the CEO, Gareth Hughes, and ask him politely to show you a contract between you as a man or woman and him and his corporation. Also, require the bailiff to show you a signed contract that bind you to the corporation he represents.

If he can produce such a thing, then you can say that you will be willing to pay any debts to him or his corporation. Again, send all mail signed delivery and give around 10 days for their response. If they continue then warn him that you will file a claim against him for harassment and extortion.

This can be done in the county court, but it is also a good idea to take him to the Queen's Bench court.

Here are a couple of helpful pages of information on bailiffs from UKColumn.Org and GetOutOfDebtFree.Org.

The bottom line is that in Common Law nations you do not break the law, which is you do not break the Common Law, which is you cause no harm to anyone - you can only be liable if you cause harm or if you commit fraud, crimes, many would argue, that are committed on a daily basis by governments and local councils across the world!

If you live according to the Common Law and remain within those boundaries of integrity, refusing to contract with them and refusing to recognise them, then they cannot touch you.

So, you act lawfully, which is not necessarily legally. What is legal is what comes in when you are contracting.

Some people are worried about stepping away from Council Tax, as they will not be able to vote. But then the entire system is rigged, and any vote is you giving your power to a criminal authority, so it is best, surely, to vote with your actions, and starve the beast.

In relation to being coerced and cajoled and deceived into lying, consider Christ with Satan - the temptation of Christ. There is a fine example of how these corporations work: they tempt and they coerce. But, if you hold onto your principles and recognise only God as Sovereign, through Christ, then you cannot be shackled by them.

There is a lot of information out there now on this subject.

Here is just part of a list of why many people do not engage in any way with their councils: LIST OF REASONS.

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