Monthly Christian Horoscopes

I prefer to call 'astrology' 'the language of the heavens', or God's first language, because it was through the 'signs' (Genesis 1:14) that God's purpose was first proclaimed - there were no Hebrew writings until Moses.
Indeed, it was the 'language' that the Magi ('Wise Men') who found Christ used, demonstrating another vital use of astrology - as 'signs' to point us to God, that time through Christ, when they knelt before Christ the child.
This kneeling reflected the true pecking order - God first, then Christ and astrology below Christ, but still helpful as a tool to find him and helpful for us.
Astrology is seen throughout the Bible, for example, Psalm 19:1, 'the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork.' Notice that when Christ died there was an eclipse - a fine example of the heavens reflecting hwta happens on Earth.
Yes, 'reflecting', because the planets 'influence' nothing - they reflect, and the entire process of the heavnely bodies passing through their orbits, reflects the entire narrative of the Creation - God's Creation, and it includes Christ the saviour of mankind, who died and was resurrected.
But we must be careful when using astrology.
There are warnings against 'monthly prognosticators' (Isaiah 47:13), for example. But we must look at the context of that warning. It is against those who use astrology so that it becomes another religion for their purposes, without any reference to the true purpose of the language of the heavens, which is to point to God through Christ.
The time is now coming for things to begin to come together - I call it 'the Completion Stage'.
And is is important for us truly and as powerfully as possible to understand not only the Bible, but also God's language of the heavens, which magnifies Him and His Son, as it always should have done and should do.
Thus it is time to put the Bible (the only translation I recommend is The Eonian Books - Christopher Sparkes' translation) in more context, not just with world events, but also the heavens.
And I hope you enjoy my monthly horoscopes with that in mind, knowing that salvation only comes from God through Christ, not through astrology.

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