Common Law, Government and God's Law

Here is a quote from the Bible: 'But in answer, Peter and the apostles said, 'We ought to obey God rather than men' (Acts 5:29).

Thus the Bible, as ever, provides us with the roots of our freedom; this time by helping us recognise the difference between our absolute rights found in Common Law (what you might call 'the law of our land' or 'God's Law applied by man's common sense and reason') and the rules for the running of organisations, often originating in legislation.

Examples of rules for the running of organisations, which are not law, may be found in local councils.

As many upstanding, law-abiding men and women will know through painful experience, these local council rules, which include those applying to Council Tax, are often unlawful. That is, they are often the rules of men implemented via the deceit of those who assume fake authority. They are rules designed to remove your God-given, absolute rights and put you under international corporate dictatorship.

Remember, the Coronation Oath, was made to God and not to the government at any level, and is for the interests of the people, not the government at any level, whose over-riding duty it is to operate under the the true law of England.

And the law of England, which still reigns supreme within our nation, as Blackstone states, '...regards, asserts, and preserves the personal liberty of individuals... For the principal aim of society [government] is to protect individuals in the enjoyment of those ABSOLUTE RIGHTS [my emphasis].'

Rothschild and International Privatisation

Notice that the internationalist (see INTERNATIONALISM page) bankers, Rothschild speak highly of themselves with regards of 'discreet long-term relationships', and admit their role in the privatisation programmes of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Government and Law


Common Law, Man and Government

Many who talk about their 'common law rights' have been misled into believing that the Common Law is about anarchy.

They say that it is the law for the 'common' man, so that he can do as he wishes. Whereas the word 'common' means for everyone - common to all men and women, which points to its relationship with rule of law, which reflects God's Law that all men are subject to God's Law.

Some of those who hold the anarchic position say that Common Law is about having no government. But we must remember that Common Law is rooted in God's Law, and the Bible, and the Bible is all about government.

You could argue that the main message of the Bible is government - the promise of true government: God's Government - the kingdom of God (THE EON), which is God's Sovereign Rulership through Christ of the nations, which is what frees us from the satanic internationalist corporate tyranny that is now become so very obvious across the world.

There are many who say that man created government and therefore man is above government. This is false.

God created government - good government, that is (Romans 13: 1-7).

And it is clear that, as it shows in Romans 13: 1-7, this good government should hold a position of authority over man.

This brings me to my next point.

Our Only Authority

Many say that man is his own authority, but, as I explain under the Common Purpose section on the UNDER ATTACK page, such a claim is a satanic claim.

Authority over man comes from God and, if the government is in accord with God, it comes from government.

The necessity for government is revealed in the astrological chart via the 10th House - the house of government, demonstrating that government is a very important ingredient in life.

However, it is true that interfering government has done its best to take way the areas of our life where we should exercise our authority in as much as fully taking part in our lives, exercising our God given rights with free will, reason and common sense.

As you have no doubt gathered, true government is small, unobtrusive government. Now, the Law in the Bible became to a certain extent spiritualised with Jesus and Paul. That meant that the rigid dogma was eased so that for example physical circumcision was no longer necessary. Instead there was circumcision by faith. So, you followed the law freely simply because you had faith (see NEXT BIG STEP page).

This is similar to Common Law - there are basic rules - you harm to no one or commit no fraud and you can live your life in your nation as you wish. So, it is very free indeed - the laws are all 'spiritualised', as it were.

Notice, however, this must be done within the framework of your nation.

Common Law and Nation

The Bible has a strong emphasis on the importance of nations - individual nations.

One of the reasons a nation that nations are important, other than being part of your reference points as to who you are, is that individual nations break up the power of the world into parts, thus preventing all the power from going into the hands of one man, or Satan himself.

The Towel of Babel is an example of an attempt of bringing all things under one umbrella, with no structure, except what was against God - see the INTERNATIONALISM page.

So, we live at different levels - individual, familial, town, county and nation, all of which have recognisable structures and all of which emphasise the individual.

This is very important in the eyes of God, because it is the individual who has a relationship with Him, which in turn strengthens the individual. That is because all things are defined by what is around them; and since God is All, so a relationship with God through Christ strengthens the individual.

But, all the levels from God to nation to individual must be recognised, and therefore have form, which means we have Common Law applying to the nation, and we find this in the constitution of a nation, which consists of the lawful and legal framework of the nation, the Sovereign of which can only be God, for He is always Sovereign, which in turn secures the freedom of the individual.

Clues in the Heavens

If we had anarchy, it would be like having only the Moon in the sky, which means we would not see it. We only have the Moon because we have the Sun, which is reflected by the Moon, not the other way around.

Hence, in ASTROLOGY the Moon relates to the people and the Sun relates to God, and any ruler who rulers according to God's Law, which is the Common Law, which provides the rule of law, so that not even the greatest king is beyond the law.

For a sound understanding of government in relation to law in Great Britain, please read and fully comprehend this letter to the Queen from a man whose name is Michael Clarke. It is packed with powerful information that cannot help but bring you to the conclusion that our nation is very close to being completely hi-jacked.

In the 1980's, hidden by the chaff of left versus right, the British government used the social contract of taxes

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