Economics looks like this sometimes!


Here's a fine quotation from Leviticus 25: 35-37:

'And if your brother with you has become poor, and his hands have become shaky, then you shall relieve him, a stranger, or a sojourner, so that he can live with you. Take no usury from him, nor interest of money, but revere your Elohim, so that your brother can live with you. You shall not give him your money for usury, nor lend him your food for profit.'

Think about that in the context of this world and its problems.

At the root of more or less all of our problems, yes you will find Satan, but just slightly closer to us than him you will find usury (the charging of interest on money) and those who not only gain from usurious banks, or banks that charge interest. And you will find those, such as within the walls of the private internationalist Federal Reserve or the Bank of England, not only charging interest, but having licence to print money, or just to type in numbers, upon which they charge interest.

The charging of interest or usury is, basically, theft, but theft at the most dangerous level.

That's because usury is the interfering with the root of our resources, resources that are given to us by God, so that wrong-doers and those working in cahoots with Satan may benefit.

And, just as we are all connected to God for our 'spiritual' bread, so we are connected to Him for our physical resources.

And so, if we charge interest on money it is to put ourselves between a man and God, it is to usurp God's position.

This is clearly false, and all that is false will be exposed for what it is, which is against what is true, and all that is true of God.

And anything that is cut from God is truly isolated, and since it is a rule that everything must be known, so isolation must be known, and so, those who indulge in usury will suffer accordingly, which means they will suffer the greatest level of isolation.

Take usury away from the equation in the world and you will solve most of our problems, not least because it is controlled by internationalists (see INTERNATIONALISM page), which is those who have no true nation, and who therefore do not have your interest's or God's interests at heart.

These internationalists also run the stock markets, which is no surprise, as the stock markets are also about debasing mankind, by creating a class of parasites - those who 'make money' by producing nothing and by doing nothing worthwhile, essentially through gambling. And gambling is forbidden, not just because of a whim, but because it is about playing with God's resources, reallocating it in a way that is unreal.

Take usury away from the equation and take the stock markets away from the equation, and the men who do the real work with have their profit from it.

Under the current circumstances those who do the work do not profit from their work: but the gamblers and usurers do.

The stock markets help raise money unrealistically. They thereby give too much power and resources to a tiny minority, while those who work and who have integrity suffer.

Usury is amongst other things about lending money so that men can grow their business faster than it should be grown. Therefore it is taken from the natural limits, limits which we see broken as huge international corporations destroy nations, destroy the world, destroy the peace, quiet and security that all men have a right to.

Everything would be almost balanced out if men's resources were not falsely accelerated by usury and stock markets. And those who worked in what is wholesome and approved by God, then all would be well, and we would not be continually attacked by cancer viruses and poisons in vaccines and pharmaceuticals, surveillance, poisoned water, endless wars, false flags, loss of nationality, mass immigration, terrorism, taxes, lying governments, poisons in our food and so on and so on. Yes, vaccines with cancer viruses in them cause cancer - other ingredients in them are known to cause autism.

If we understand the truth of things we shall know that we must be honest.
As Jesus said, 'For there is nothing which will not become brought to light, nor kept secret which will not become known and brought to light.'

You can recognise this principle if you understand the Growth of Knowledge, which shows that everything will be known, and therefore everything will be true.

And so, if you are false in any way, this falsehood shall be stripped from you as you cannot stop the Growth of Knowledge, which progresses inexorably until all is known, whether you like it or not.

And here we have another clues as to the problems of the world: since so much is based on money lending, gambling, all of which is false and therefore cut off from God, so we are in truth isolated. Therefore, since all must be known, we shall know that isolation.

And so, we witness the un Godly abuse of resources of the world, which ravages the lands, which brings hunger and the isolation of imprisonment at many levels and therefore more misery, and more imprisonment.

And that hunger is not just in the nations such as Africa, where we see starving men and women and children, it is in the so called 'developed' nations, where, apparently food is plentiful. But, the stock of 'food' is not real - it is fake, fake resources. Lining the shelves of supermarkets we see facsimile food - shapes that have no nutrition: the 'food' of factory farming, 'food' packed with chemicals, anti-biotics and so on, but seldom any vitamins and minerals. And don't forget much of this food is no genetically modified or connected to what is genetically modified, which means fake, because only what God created is real.

Since when has a supermarket pear smelled of a pear?

The fact is that just as shadows disappear so all that is false will be destroyed. And so, with the approaching EPIPHANEIA we shall see the disintegration of the entire global economic system (the world economic system is now collapsing with increasing speed as each day goes by). Usury will be stopped, and we shall see not only the end of internationalist centralised corporations, we shall also see the end of stock markets and anything else connected with fake resources.

Some might interpret some of what I have said above as being socialist, or in favour of socialism, which also means communism. Many say that there is a difference between communism and socialism but they are intrinsically similar, as they are both materialist and both require total centralised control. They are also internationalist. They are also about centralising any profits and socialising any debts or losses.

Here socialist internationalism is confirmed by The Socialist Party Of Great Britain.

It is clear to me that communism and socialism have been used to parasitize upon the Christian lessons of sharing and allowing all men to profit from their efforts, not to be slaves. Of course, this is to parasitize on a noble aspect of mankind, to steer it away from what it should be. The thing to remember is that when man is in accord with God, there will be good small government, there will be rule of law and all men and women will be drawn to express their full potential, without taking from others, and to profit from the efforts involved with that expression. Also, when man is in accord with God he will be able naturally to show charity and kindness in a way that he judges is best, not what government says is best, for God is the ultimate authority, not government.

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