There is without doubt plenty we can do; and it begins with what you know you can do, which includes not supporting the attack on mankind by not buying their wares and changing your overall attitude.

What To Do

It may seem that there is very little a man or a woman can do, which is, perhaps, why so many just bury their heads in the sand. But there is a lot you can do. Here is a short list of examples of what I believe might be helpful to any man or woman. I am sure you will be able to add to it with ideas of your own.

1.    The government and those behind it thrive on your taxes. So, it might be a good idea to cut down your contributions in a lawful way. That could involve not contracting with the corporations that take taxes from you. In Great Britain such corporations include HMRC and local councils. This applies accross the world, and a helpful article on the background of the subject, which includes a video on CAFRs (CAFRs involve what you might call one of the biggest frauds in the world). The aticle is by John Hurst. It is entitled on Section 151 Officers and Council Tax.
2.    Learn as much as you can about the current situation in the world, so that you may plan ahead, and share you knowledge - the more people know about what is happening behind the scenes and its evil nature the less likely it will gain any traction.
3.    Apply Common Law. If you live in a COMMON LAW nation you can quite easily enough apply Common Law. This will enable you to set yourself aside from the corporate global take-over, by, for example, avoiding any contracts with corporations associated with government, particularly international ones, which include anything from Sky TV to mobile phones. Of course life would be almost impossible withot some of these things, but that does not mean to say that you cannot reduce your reliance on them.
4.    Begin to live in accord with God through His Son. This will help you like according to what is true and good, which helps protect you from any claims any one or any corporation may have on you. Think of Christ's temptation by Satan - under huge pressure to fall away from his true position, Christ remained true to his position and was untouchable, so that eventually Satan had to leave. Remember, there is an attack on God's Law, which is applied through Common Law, which means there is an attempt to have only law that is made up by men, so that law only comes from government and will therefore become arbitrary - the law of tyranny. As Peter said in Acts 5:29 - 'We ought to obey God rather than men.'
5.    Prepare for food shortages and power shortages by having stocks of food that will last and by having independent power supplies, such as generators or solar panels (panels not connected to the National Grid, that is!). Many people are now growing their own food.
7.    Be ready to defend youself and do whatever you can to ensure that you are independently protected.
8.    Keep cheerful, spend time with friends and family - this difficult time will not last for ever.
9.    Love one another, or do your very best to do so - this is very hard and I doubt that there is any one man or woman on this world now who can do this consistently and properly, but it works and is far less stressful and is truly liberating when you try and when you do it properly - but remember, this does not mean submit to those bad people you might normally find it easy to hate, but to understand that they also are 'made' of love.

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