You could say that chickens know what it's like to be compartmentalised - especially battery hens.


One of the most effective weapons (see UNDER ATTACK page) used against us, and indeed one of our own means of self destruction, is COMPARTMENTALISATION.

Compartmentalisation is a great weapon against the Truth; for how can you have the Truth unless you have the whole picture?

And we are compartmentalised by the media, which, like the governments of the world, is centrally run so we only have one perspective, one stream of news, with much of it hidden so that institutional crime and treason and works against God may continue as we walk about blind.

We are compartmentalised by our work so that we have floods of 'experts' and 'spcialists', but very few men and women who actually know anything of any real value, so that consultant surgeons, for example, only know about their limited field of treating symptoms of illness, while having no or very little idea about maintaining health and eliminating disease by proper nutrition and removing poisons from our water and food.

Our spirituality is also compartmentalised, as we have men who know about the Bible, but know nothing, for example, about God; and we have different religions that offer different parts of the Truth, but compete against each other, so that whilst one man from one religion may speak some truth this truth will be dismissed by a man from another religion, simply because he is from another religion.

Another point about true spirituality is that it involves government - God's government, the exercise of God's Authority through His Son, which is the kingdom of God or THE EON.

And remember, all the main religions are run by the same people - the ones who run the governments, the ones who run the media, the ones behind the international banks and international corporations, the ones who hold the vast majority of the wealth in the world, the ones who do not want either THE EPIPHANEIA or THE EON!

They are the ones who hold all this knowledge, and keep it from you. They are the 'light bearers', or you could say 'the Illuminati': those who are connected the 'Light Bearer', otherwise known as Lucifer or Satan, who is the conduit of THE DIVIDE, and therefore of all separation from God, all separation from the Son of God.

It is interesting, isn't it, that one of the favoured symbols of those who work behind the scenes to our detriment by compartmentalising everything and setting everything against each other - the old divide and rule - is the triangle. And it is the prism that breaks white light into its many hues of the spctrum?

It is our task to see beyond the compartmentalisation at all levels, and to stop being manipulated into doing and thinking what we do not really want to do and think?

Of course, a full understanding of The One, who is God, the Father of Christ, will ensure that nothing is compartmentalised, and so our focus on Him should never waver. But, in this realm of separates, where all is broken into components, we can only begin to have a full understanding of Him if we have a broad view of Existence.

Since true ASTROLOGY is all about the ingredients of our complete being and God Himself, so a sound understanding of Astrology helps bring things together in all areas of our lives.

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