Common Law

The Common Law was founded by the Anglo Saxon King Alfred the Great. It is based in God's Law, Celtish law (which was based largely in the Old Testament) and some Danelaw - for a very brief introduction read King Alfred the Great and our Common Law by Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee.

Common Law can be described as the implementation of God's Law via man's common sense and reason.

That is why when it is implemented there is freedom, for in God's Law we find freedom - hence the word 'free' is rooted in a Germanic word that is linked to befriending or loving.

It is also why Common Law is also rooted in case law, or precedents, and is therefore in favour of the individual and the individual situation, rendering it free of government centralisation, which is what you have with, for example, civil law - the law, along with admiralty law, that is being forced upon Common Law nations to further the interests of corporate internationalists (see INTERNATIONALISM page).

The Common Law is found in all nations that have connections with Great Britain - that means all nations of the Commonwealth and the Republic of America.

Notice that attempts at burying the Common Law in these nations are becoming more and more prevalent, so that, for example, governments and local councils are continually acting outside the law, holding only corporate policy, according to contracts that are not obvious.

As a result of this many are being subjected to false imprisonments, to unlawful intrusions by bailiffs for not paying Council Tax and so on.

However, if you are in a Common Law nation and you are aware of the power of the Common Law, and the fact that it still exists, then you can with relative ease put a stop such criminal antics, and thereby, for example, withhold your consent to the criminality of your government by not contracting with it or its agencies and thereby not paying taxes. This is now being done by many in Great Britain. Have a look at this Peter of England video entitled, PAYE & INCOME TAX HAVE NO ENABLING LEGISLATION (All taxation is VOLUNTARY).

If you know, for example, the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible, you will be aware of the regular confrontations these men had with the authorities, but held their own just by being in accord with God.

A fine quote that sums this up is Acts 5:29 - 'But in answer, Peter and the apostles said, 'We ought to obey God rather than men.'

This is indeed true - we must follow God's Law and avoid harmful contracts; and if we live a righteous life, in accord with God's Law, then we do not need law books and we do not need to know the rules, because we are living the rules - they have been absorbed into our being, as it were.

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