The Bible is full of astrological allusions, and it should be no surprise that the Magi (astrologers) found Christ, showing us that astrology points us in real time towards Christ and therefore towards God - 'let them be for signs' (Genesis 1:14)

Celestial Word of God

Everyone knows about the ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

It is the Star that led the Magi, the ‘wise men’, who were astrologers, to Jesus Christ at the beginning of Christ’s life.

There are many who believe that astrology, or the study of the meaning of the heavens, which is a language, is a bad thing. This is reasonable if we are to take astrology as ‘monthly prognostications’, ‘divination’ and such like that interfere with our relationship with God (Isaiah 47: 12-14).

But we should not forget that the Bible is replete with astrology – true astrology, that is, which is about pointing us towards God, just as the Star of Bethlehem pointed the Magi towards God.

We see, for example, that the ‘lights’ in the ‘vault of the firmament’ are there for ‘signs’ (Genesis 1:14) and we see that the ‘heavens declare the glory of God, and the heavens show his handiwork’ (Psalm 19:1).

Indeed, according to writers such Josephus and others who recorded history from long ago, Adam and Seth were well versed in the meaning of the heavens.

As E.W. Bullinger explains in his book The Witness of the Stars, the first language that pointed to God, that set out His intentions was that of the heavens:

‘For more than two thousand five hundred years the world was without written revelation from God. The question is, Did God leave Himself without witness? The question is answered very positively by the written Word that he did not.’

Bullinger then goes on to explain that God’s ‘plans, His purposes, and His counsels’ were known by the message in ‘the heavens’.

Indeed, it states in Amos 3:7, ‘Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.’

That is to say, all major events concerning God’s purpose must be proclaimed in advance, which is what the heavens did for the likes of Adam and Seth and many of them who lived before God’s Word was recorded in writing, in hand-written script.

And if we consider again that Star of Bethlehem, we can see the language of the heavens working as well as ever, as translated, or interpreted by the Magi.
Joseph Augustus Seiss explains in his book The Gospel in the Stars:

‘It is… a matter of record, among both Gentile and Jewish peoples, that the patriarch Seth, in whose day these heavenly signs were arranged and completed, gave out a prophecy in connection with them, that in the period in which the great promised One should be born there would appear a very bright star in the heavens’.

Surely this is talking about the Star of Bethlehem.

And so, just like it says in John 1:1 that the ‘oracle points to God’ to the true purpose of the oracle found in the heavens was and is to point to God, and, indeed, His Son.

Hence the Magi (the ‘wise men’ of Matthew), who were most likely to have been Levite priests (Parthians), knew that Jesus was born.

It is also known that the druids of Great Britain in or around 36 AD welcomed Joseph of Arimathea and other Apostles along with Mary, Christ’s mother.

They also knew the name of Christ.

Hence the following passages from the book The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George F. Jowett:

‘… Organized by Hu Gadarn (Hugh the Mighty) the faith took on the name of Druid, a word some claim derived from the Keltic word 'Dreus', meaning 'an oak', arising out of the custom of worshipping in the open within the famous oak groves of the island. A more likely derivation is from 'Druthin' - a 'Servant of Truth'. The motto of the Druids was 'The Truth against the World.' A casual study of the Triads emphasized the old Hebrew faith with positive clarification. The British Mother Druidic Church continued to teach the immortality of the soul, the omniscience of One God and the coming of the Messiah. They were aware of the prophesied vicarious atonement and, extraordinary as it may seem, the actual name of Jesus was familiar to them long before the advent of Christ…
…The astounding fact is that whereas the Sadducean Judeans were never familiar with the name of the Messiah, His name was known to the British long before the rncmorable eYent transpired on Golgotha's Hill. It was a name familiar on the lips of every Briton.1 The indisputable fact is that 1 he Druids proclaimed the name first to the world. A translation from a reading in the ancient Celtic Triads is:
“The Lord our God is One. Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord Yesu; He is the King of Glory.”
How the Druidic Priesthood knew the consecrated name so long beforehand is indeed a mystery in itself. The name 'Yesu' was incorporated in the Druidic Trinity as the Godhead. In Britain the name Jesus never assumed its Greek or Latin form. It was always the pure Celtic 'Yesu'. It never changed.’

Whilst many attempt to dismiss what Jowett has to say in his book, and dismiss what many have said about the involvement of Great Britain with Christ and the Apostles, they cannot escape the very stubborn facts, many of which Jowett delivers in The Drama of the Lost Disciples.

It does not take a great deal of research to discover that the druids were from the lost tribes of Israel. I look into this subject in a little more detail under True Israelites.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that if the celestial Word of God is correct it must not in any way undermine or contradict the written Word. And the most accurate source of the correctly translated written Word of God is The Eonian Books, a translation of the original Hebrew and Greek Books of the Bible by Christopher Sparkes.

As you can see on this website, whilst the written Word of God does not give the timing of the end of the Age (Eon) of Evil, the celestial Word does – the big date is the 23rd March 2023.

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