By David Cammegh 26 Jan, 2017
Even the workers and the poor,
Who stood in those door-ways,
Often had dresses, jackets, hats and shirts;
No shoes,
But, yes, life certainly hurt,
And poverty dug deep,
With respite only in sleep.

Now look at these same places,
Multi-colured cars, multi-coloured t-shirts, different races;
Dislocated people wearing dislocated clothes
Now swarm the streets in meandering droves,
Desire burning in sullen eyes,
Wanting this, wanting that,
Looking down and sideways,
Never up,
Cafe late in a paper cup,
Empty heart, empty soul,
Rich in junk,
Scattered like litter,
Forlorn, mournful, twisted and bitter,
And yet it's so clean:
Health and Safety's utopian dream.

A meal of vacant food,
Fascination for the next shackled nude,
Trapped in domestication,
Holidays in the sun,
A banker-sponsored gun
Applied to moulded heads,
'Do as we say, or you're dead!'
That's what the TV just said.

Better surely to have been poor,
With a family,
No matter how bad,
No matter how sad,
With a town, a country, a soul,
And the Law,
Than to be transient litter, without hold,
Without father, without nation,
Without truth and without station?

Look up my friends,
Don't be sold,
Don't be bought,
Keep with your kind,
Share like with like mind,
Be bold, with love in your heart,
Play your true part,
For the curse in life's kiss
Is the very root of eternal bliss.

By David Cammegh 07 Jan, 2017

[Please note there is  more on the contents of this article in my book, God Makes His Move , which you can download free as a pdf or purchase as a hard copy].


Satan is referred to as a 'serpent' and is the 'Dragon'.

Demons are often experienced as being 'reptilian'.

Those working against Christ were called 'progeny of vipers'.

Why all the cold blooded, scaled references?

Consider the Moon: it is cold and is only seen with the help of the Sun.

You could therefore say that the Moon 'lives through' the Sun - it has no light or heat of its own.

It is separate from the Sun.

Consider the nature of Satan, and consider the nature of demons and consider what is evil.

The nature we are talking about is separation from God , and the pride associated with it - in the absence of recognition of God and truth there is the urge to become God, or even go beyond God, which usually ends up with a very bad situation for the ordinary man or women.

So, at the root of the nature of Satan, of demons and such like we have separation from what is true.

And so we have lies - the Father of Lies, who is Satan.

What is separation?

It is a gap.

What is a gap?

It is nothing - it is a void.

The Moon has no light of its own.

It is not seen without sunlight.

Without sunlight it is nothing - it is a void.

The Moon is traditionally linked to Satan and evil.

The Sun is traditionally linked to God and consciousness, the highest of which is God's Love, which is Absolute Unity.

All connected to God have consciousness; all living with their own consciousness have a 'spark' of the 'Sun' in them, rather like they are mini-Suns, all connected to the overall 'Father of Suns'.

Hence, Christ said, '... for love is out of God, and everybody who loves has been generated out of God and knows God' ( 1 John 4-7 ).

Reptiles have no heat of their own.

Like the Moon, they need the warmth and light of the Sun to be - they cannot exist with their own heat, because they have none.

The separation from God, which I call 'The Divide' , is what you might call the 'Spirit of Satan', as it is what separates us from God.

This separation from God is simply a gap, which can only manifest when it lives through consciousness.

This separation from God is therefore, like reptiles, 'cold blooded'.

And everything must be as it is.

The 'cold blooded' will be like the cold blooded and will therefore to an extent share the appearance and nature of the cold blooded.

Satan is seen as a 'serpent', because he is the fallen angel who is the conduit to The Divide in our world.

Those against Christ are the 'progeny of vipers' because they are linked to The Divide.

Demons are often seen and experienced as reptilian because their appearance reflects their nature.

In the end, when all is Complete, The Divide will be shut - notice, just like there is a gap in a half empty glass, there is always a gap, a separation, a divide, between Completion and non-Completion.

The gap is now ever closing because consciousness is added to with every moment - as every moment passes we are conscious of it; thus, as every moment passes, so consciousness increases and the gap between what is not conscious and what is completely conscious closes.

The closing of The Divide is done through Christ.

It happens when the Consciousness of the Creation is Complete.

Since Christ has the all-encompassing consciousness of the Creation as it grows, he is like the second biggest Russian doll, with God being the biggest.

Therefore, when Christ's Consciousness is Complete we shall all be Complete, which is why we must 'go through Christ'.

And we shall see this closing of The Divide in Christ's actions, because everything must be as it is, which means Christ destroys Satan.

And so the 'Dragon is cast into the lake of fire'.

And since death is about division, so, as Revelation promises, death totally ends as The Divide is closed - hence Christ also destroys death.

Thus, 'the gap' will be gone.

'The gaps' or The Divide will then no longer be able to attach to what lives - the Moon will not be there to reflect the Sun's light.

But all who has loved, will be at one, through Christ, in the New Heaven and New Earth.

And since The New Heaven and New Earth is without any separation, without what divides, so there will be no past, no present and no future, and all will be One in the absolute Love of God through Christ, without time, without fear, without the symbolism or reality of the cold blooded.

[For a more in-depth understanding of the above you can purchase or download for free the pdf of my book God Makes His Move from here ].

By David Cammegh 15 Nov, 2016

Since Donald Trump's victory in the US election there has been more than usual media talk about 'Climate Change'.

We have also been reminded many times of the fact that Donald Trump has seen clearly enough to recognise the fact that 'Climate Change' is 'just weather' (climate has always changed) and that the hullaballoo about it is a hoax to help make money for a rather unpleasant few, while granting them considerable power over everyone else's life. Trump has made it clear that he will have nothing to do with the Paris Agreement, which is music, beautiful music, to the ears of many.

Meanwhile, in Britain the media is now vigorously telling us that it is likely that 2016 will be the hottest year 'on record'. Whereas, whilst we may have been having some mild spells, the truth is that methods of temperature data collection have been altered hugely over the past few years in a way that helps the 'Climate Change' or 'Global Warming' enthusiast falsify his case. For example, just one small example from many, there are now 4,500 less reporting stations than there were in 1970, and those omitted are at higher altitudes (see page 80 of the book Eco-Tyranny by Brian Sussman).

There have over the past few days been plenty of 'scientists' and 'experts' on radio, TV and the internet impressing upon us from their compartmentalised positions us that we must all get together to stop 'Climate Change'.

This 'Climate Change' sentiment found in many deluded and deceitful scientists could be translated as: 'We would not have a job and a nice salary for doing very little if we did not spread alarm all the time, nor would we be able to have access to our aims to be gods who can change the weather, nor would we be able to facilitate anti-Christ global government, nor would we be able to tax people for exhaling carbon dioxide. Nor would we be able to implement our global strangulation plan, UN Agenda 21 ''sustainable development ''. Nor would we be able to help poison the world with the Bill Gates funded geo-engineering programme, which is in part about ionizing the atmosphere to help make it an easily manipulated membrane to all sorts of horrors, while helping to cover the world with aluminium salts, which help cause dementia, help kill bees, help kill trees and much more.'

It would be unreasonable to say that nature is not currently being destroyed, that the world is being destroyed, but it is not being done by the ordinary man or woman who Donald Trump represents. It is being done by the monstrous that sit behind 'the establishment', it is being done by those behind the huge international corporations and banks and their usury, and their messing with reality, their creation of desires for ridiculous things, to serve their purposes. It is being done by the anti-Christ 'elite', who think they are superior - yes, they think they are gods, and have clearly accepted Satan's lie (Genesis 3:5).

Happily, Donald Trump is going to help protect America and raise money for America with trade tariffs. Of course, 'economists' have said that this would be 'bad for the economy' - yes, their economy - the fake economy, bloated by usury and by liars, by internationalists and by those who think they are gods.

With trade tariffs and with other policies that help deliver the world from the globalist stranglehold, the world economy would indeed slow. This would be a good thing, because if it continues the way it is going, with technology that has reached diabolical levels (for instance artificial intelligence and the hubris of 'reaching for the stars'), the world would surely end soon, and mankind would be destroyed.

If we want to 'protect the environment', then we must begin to remove ourselves from internationalism, from international banks, from the EU and from UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development'. The world, if run in accord with what is right and good, which is to be run via independent nations in accord with God through Christ, we would have the perfect balance of technology and nature - there would be plenty of food, real food, not fake genetically modified food; nations would be prosperous the world over because the internationalist parasite would not be permitted to suck nations dry, stealing from the many to provide for the destructive few.

We are indeed approaching better times, because people are seeing reality - this has been reflected by the sentiment of Brexit and by Donald Trump's victory. Let us therefore hope that the Paris Agreement is set aside by all nations, and let us begin to value the right things in life. Yes, there will be a difficult time of adjustment, but this will be handled well enough with good, true, inspired leadership, by good men who live in accord with the true Law, which is God's Law through Christ.

By David Cammegh 08 Nov, 2016


Immigration, race and national identity are currently at the forefront of all of our lives, and emotions are almost explosive.

This is no surprise, considering that definition and structure of all kinds have been under a long sustained attack, for example by the Kalergi Plan .

The aim of this internationalist assault on all that is natural is to break down mankind, rendering men and women and their families and nations weak and easily controllable and ultimately easy to destroy. Consider just one of these internationalist plans - UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development' . It is about delivering us to an anti-God world with a population diminished to up to 98% by the end of this century.

The first recorded internationalist was Cain. For murdering his brother he was to be a 'fugitive and a wanderer on the earth' (Genesis 4:12), and since the 'earth' would 'no longer yield its strength' to him' (Genesis 4:12) he would have no choice but to be a parasite on the world.

Cain was the son of Satan - he was 'out of the Evil One' (1 John 3:12). This is also emphasised by his absence in 1 Chronicles 1, which includes a list of Adam's descendants. This list consists of fathers, which is why Abel is absent, and we know Cain was a father (Genesis 4:17).

Other children of demonic entities include the Nephilim, who were the children of fallen angels (sons of God) and men (Genesis 6:4).

This breeding between man and these entities has continued since the times of the Nephilim - hence '... and after that...' in Genesis 6:4.

All of these offspring are clearly of Satan, or what separates us from God through Christ. That means they are of rebellion, which means they are against God's order and the natural structure of things and against all teachings in the Bible. They are also parasites and, if we consent to their often charming and persuasive influence (vampires can only be invited in), they gain great destructive power in the world.

I believe we have evidence of these offspring amongst the 'internationalist Zionist elite', who jealously protect their bloodlines (see Fritz Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati ). They also have no true home nation and they strongly encourage through, for example, their media and political outlets, anything from feminism to homosexuality to sexual perversions to usury to borderless nations to deliberately engineered mass immigration (consider the Kalergi Plan and the concocted wars in the Middle East) to the breakdown of true law (delivered for example via Common Law) to multi-culturalism to the aggressive attacks on racial definition (Kalergi Plan) to war to terrorism to the debasement of man and much more that we find associated with the current terrible state of the world. It is their aim, whether they know it or not, first to overwhelm the world and then to destroy it. Hence Satan is the ruler of death.

It is perfectly natural for a man to defend his position when it is attacked or undermined in any way, which includes attacks on his race, or ethnic background, or nation, or sex, or, even, his age group. Please note that I emphasise 'attacked', because this is what is happening via the Kallergi Plan, via the social and genetic engineering, via the mass immigration that is being forced on us all, and such like.

However, one of the many problems with defending ourselves from this multi-pronged sustained attack is that it can provoke a rigid response. For example, people can become intolerant of immigrants and people can become intolerant of other races and dangerous emotions can boil and explode.

It is also important to note that unreasonable and aggressive knee-jerk responses can come from ordinary people, who have absorbed the internationalist programming, when they hear someone quite naturally express wishes to protect their nation or ethnicity or anything else.

If the world were not currently being deliberately massaged into being something it should not be, into something that is against all natural law, and, indeed against God's Law, there would of course be a small natural migration of people from nation to nation from time to time. There would also be a natural amount of racial or ethnic intermingling - remember, Joseph married Asenath, an Egyptian.

So, those from foreign lands and/or with different ethnic backgrounds should be treated just like everyone else, according to the law; and racial intermingling between believers is not against God's Law; as it states in Galatians 3:29, 'And if you are Christ's, then you are a seed of Abraham,' meaning that whatever ethnic background you are, if you believe in Christ, then you are the seed of Abraham, you are of the same 'race'.

The Bible and the Common Law are very clear that all men should be treated in exactly the same way under the law. Hence it states in Numbers 9:14 and 15:15-16 that '…you shall have one statute for both the resident alien and the native.' It also states clearly in Acts 17:26 that 'every nation of men' are 'of one blood'. But it is also clear in that same verse that the definition of nations or the 'boundaries of their residence' is also important. And notice the distinction, which is actually recognised in Common Law, between 'native' and 'alien'.

I believe that our natural responses to protect the status quo and thereby resist having the natural order and God's Law undermined are partly due to our instinctive, and not generally conscious, understanding that if we remove all boundaries, all structure, we shall be even more vulnerable to the attack from what aims to take us over and destroy us. If, within reason, we protect our position then we are less likely to be open to such anti-God interference, and we shall more likely live happily, peacefully and safely.

It is important to note that racial intermingling in the Bible was prohibited in order to protect those who were of God, which is why belief was so important when those of one race mixed with another: it was important not to sully the Israelite blood with that of those who worshipped false gods, not least because those who did that were very possibly infected with demonic blood, or 'genes' from demons and fallen angels, as Cain was, or as the Nephilim were.

A good example of the importance of belief in such instances of racial or national intermingling is when Jesus was asked by the Canaanite to help her daughter (Matthew 15:21-28). He initially refused telling her that he was only for authorized to the 'lost sheep of the house of Israel'. However, he was soon persuaded by her belief, and her daughter was healed. This event demonstrates just part of the great good and unity that comes from, and will increasingly come from, belief in Jesus Christ: a unity of all people of all ethnic and national backgrounds.

But, for all to exist, it must have definition. If definition is removed, then existence is removed, which is why we must be careful to hold firmly to our position and to protect the form of all that is natural and good and lawful.

By David Cammegh 29 Jul, 2016

When the roof is complete the house is complete.

When a house is being built, the roof is separate from the rest of the house, but when the house is finished the roof is part of the house.

And so, all, including the walls, the doors, the windows, and so on, whilst being separately identifiable things, make one complete house.

The Bible is not about the entire Creation, but the creation of the last race on Earth, and how that race unifies with other races through Christ, so that the world may become Complete.

This is like the roof of a house unifying with the rest of the house for that house to become complete.

Christ is like the roof of a house, as he is the embodiment of the last race in the creation, and his presence unifies the entire world like the roof of a house unifies the entire house.

We are like the tiles, the bricks and the other parts of the house.

Christ's arrival here was like when the roof of the house was first recognisable.

Clearly, like the roof is seen to be part of the house, directly or indirectly joined to every tile, brick, nail and window, so Christ is seen to be part of the creation, joined to every man, woman and all who love.

Christ's physical return here, at the beginning of his 1000 year kingship, will be when the last touches of the roof of the house begin, so that all errors within the house may be rooted out so that the house may stand strong, polished and complete.

The Growth of Knowledge (Consciousness) follows a similar pattern to that of building a house.

Knowledge (Consciousness) grows with everything experienced. Thus, each experience adds to what is known, or what is made conscious, just like each component in a house adds to the house's structure.

Just like the building of a house passes through many stages, so the Growth of Knowledge passes through many stages, each of which corresponds with how all things grow, for example, from the womb to childhood to adolescence right through to death, and so on.  

The Growth of Knowledge ends with The Completion Stage .

The Completion Stage comes in three parts, which actually relate to the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in that order.

We can also see the Growth of Knowledge in the Bible.

In the Bible The Completion Stage comprises of the Epiphaneia ('favourable intervention'), then the 490 year kingdom of God , then Christ's 1000 year rule here in this world ( the Millennium ). These three stages relate consecutively to the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

These three stages also relate to when everything in the Creation begins to makes sense in relation to everything else, which means a unity begins to emerge, just like the unity of the house begins to emerge as the roof of a house approaches completion.

And, at the beginning of these last three stages in the Creation, we have a moment (the Epiphaneia, or 'favourable intervention' - see Titus 2:13) when Christ's individual Growth of Knowledge actually merges with that of the entire world , so that whilst he was originally for one particular race (see Matthew 15:24), at the Epiphaneia it becomes clear that he is for all races, all people, all nations, and all races and all people and all nations are for him.

It follows that, since Christ's personal Growth of Knowledge is merged with that of the entire world, when Christ's  Growth of Knowledge is Complete, so the world's Growth of Knowledge is Complete, which means the world is Complete.

And since all that is not Complete in the world  is separate from Completion, so all that becomes Complete in the world does so through Christ.Christ is indeed the only mediator between us and God (1 Timothy 2:5).

Also, since all that is not Complete is separate from Completion, and since God is One (totally Complete, or what you might call 'Completion'), so all that is not Complete is separate from God, or has a 'gap' between itself and God.

And since it is Christ's Growth of Knowledge that brings all to Completion, so it is he who closes that gap between us and God, and is seen to do so, for everything within the Growth of Knowledge must be experienced.

And so, Christ is the one who destroys Satan and death, for both Satan and death are of that 'gap', or 'divide' from God, the 'gap' or 'divide' that is closed by Christ, when his Growth of Knowledge is Complete.

For more on this subject and for a better understanding, read Part 3 Chapters 4 - 10 of my book 'God Makes His Move', which you can download for free here .

By David Cammegh 28 Jul, 2016

There have been only four Pluto in Capricorn / Uranus in Aries periods in 1000's of years.

We are now in the 4th.

The end of each cycle corresponds with a favourable leap concerning God, the nation, the government and the individual.

We are currently amidst the most intense of these cycles for 1000's of years.

It ends on the 23rd March 2023.

The kingdom of God, which is God's Sovereign Ruleship through Christ over the nations here in this world, begins with the end of the 'Age (or Eon) of Evil' (Galatians 1:4).

The kingdom of God lasts 490 years, preceding Christ's return for the Millennium.

Another major Pluto in Capricorn / Uranus in Aries cycle begins EXACTLY TO THE DAY 490 years after the 23rd March 2023 on March 23rd 2513.

The kingdom of God begins with divine intervention or the 'favourable intervention' (Titus 2:13).

I believe, therefore, that, whilst astrology has its limits, and whilst God is outside of astrology, we have much to look forward to and much to prepare for, and work towards, in the next few years.

By David Cammegh 28 Jul, 2016

The KJV at 2 Corinthians 4:4 has Satan as being '...the god of this WORLD...'

But the word for 'world' ('kronos') is not there in the original Greek.

Instead we have the word 'aion', which means 'age'.

The KJV has influenced Bibles, and therefore people's attitudes and minds, throughout the world for centuries, leading people to think that Satan is in charge here and that the kingdom of God is elsewhere floating around.

Whereas the kingdom of God is here, and its authroity will be implemented soon enough, and we shall see a new government, the promised 'outpouring', as connected to the Hebrew word 'olam' in the Old Testament and the Greek word, 'aion' in the New Testament.

In fact, the entire Bible is about this coming kingdom, which will mark the end of this current age of evil, the fruits of which we see all around us, from the chemtrails to the ponzi schemes to the wars to the poisons in vaccines to the social engineering to UN Agenda 21.

The power of words and the power of proclaiming the truth is immense, which is why it takes only a few tweaks of a few words to make a considerable and detrimental effect on reality.

By David Cammegh 21 Jul, 2016
The Cabinet is now has more women than ever before.

The news is reported by more women than ever before, the Prime Minister is a woman, as is Merkel; men's football has women reporters; women now flood the armed forces, quotas of women must be employed by the firebrigade and other lines of work, and now breastfeeding in the House of Commons is to be considered .

Meanwhile househusbands are legion.

This is all about social engineering, the inversion and undermining of things, of all things.

It is about the deliberate weakening of the men and women of mankind; a method, in fact, used by the Romans to weaken their male slaves - put women where men should be, emasculate the man, invert the world.

The language of heavens does not lie:

When good, the Moon relates to woman, to femininity and Earth, to passivity, to mother, to breasts, to what nurtures, to what is changeable, to what is incomplete, to the home and hearth; she receives light to give form, and represents the womb. The Moon also relates to the people.

Meanwhile, when good, the Sun relates to man and father and God, is masculine, beneficient, steady, active, giving light to give form, representing also our ultimate aim, which is to be complete, to be an individual (man or woman) at one with God through Christ, so it represents the 'home' as the individual not as the physical home where the family is brought up. The Sun also relates to the king - the true king, or ruler.

Such differences are quite understandably replicated in the New Testament.

Remember, we grow from mother to father, not from mother to mother, nor from father to mother.

Only a satanic inverted era in this world would have it any other way, which is why now so many boundaries are falling, not just between masculinity and femininity, but also between nations, between what is lawful and what is unlawful, between what is true and what is false, between what is good and what is evil.

But, again, this 'age of evil' will end soon enough.
By David Cammegh 14 Jul, 2016
[Please Note - when I refer to 'TEB', I mean The Eonian Books version of the Bible].

A baby cannot turn itself into a child - childhood 'reaches down' to babyhood and 'draws' the baby 'up' to childhood; a child cannot turn himself into an adolescent - adolescence 'reaches down' to childhood and 'draws' the child 'up' to adolesence.

The same principle of 'reaching down and drawing up' applies to the next big step for mankind, which is The Epiphaneia, which is the 'favourable intervention' (see 2 Timothy 4:1 - TEB), a divine intervention, which is when God through Christ makes His move.

This long awaited move ends the 'eon of evil' (Galatians 1:4 - TEB), the fruits of which are everything from geo-engineering to economic terrorism; but it begins the 'Eon', which is the kingdom of God.

The Hebrew word 'olam' in the Old Testament and the Greek word 'aion' in the New Testament both refer to the kingdom of God, and both refer to an 'outpouring' (or reaching down) of what you might call 'blessings', which lead to the first true government here on Earth, with a king who is a giver and not a taker, and who 'draws' the world 'up' into the kingdom of God, which is the first 490 years of what I call the 'Completion Stage' of this world, which lasts 1490 years (that is the 490 year Eon plus the 1000 year millennium).

So, I believe that something will soon be happening to us, 'reaching down' to us; and just as a child would do well to be aware that he will soon become an adolescent, so we will do well to be aware of the Eon, the coming kingdom of God.

Notwithstanding the fashionable misleading teachings of today, this is not a situation that we can create ourselves, as we are not God (Satan's lie is that 'we will be like Elohim'; ie God - see Genesis 3:5).

You see, we cannot 'reach down' to ourselves.

But, we can help prepare the way for The Epiphaneia and we can help proclaim it; which means, for example, we can talk about it, we can understand better God's nature and the nature of Christ, we can understand the application of God's Law (the closest of which we find in this world with the Common Law) and we can understand the nature of the corruption of government at all levels, along with the satanic intentions of government at all levels, and what that means for us.

For more information on the above, please help yourself to a free download of my book, God Makes His Move and share it with your friends.

By David Cammegh 29 Jun, 2016

If I tell you what to do, it is very unlikely that you would like it.

That's because we all have an instinct to defend our individual self-determination, our individual ability to run our own lives.

That is, we all have an instinct to protect our sovereignty , because sovereignty is self determination.

So, keep your sovereignty and you keep your freedom.

Freedom and sovereignty in our nation are protected by the Common Law.

Basically, the Common Law allows you to do as you wish, as long as you harm no one.

Our national sovereign is the Monarch.

The Monarch is therefore the embodiment of the entire sovereignty of our nation, which is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

So, destroy or undermine the Monarch and your destroy or undermine your freedom.

Destroy the Monarch and your destroy the Common Law.

The REMAIN campaign was about undermining our national sovereignty, as it was about handing our power to a foreign entity, the EU - a corrupt, unaudited, unelected corporate entity, run by international banks and corporations.

The EU is run according to the Justinian principle, 'What pleases the prince has the force of law'.

Under the Justinian principle you are therefore little more than a slave, subject to the random whims of 'the prince'.

So, in the EU you are not just a slave to the EU but also to those international bankers and corporations that run it.

And, remember, it is those very international bankers and corporations that were behind the creation of the likes of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao: they were behind creating all the wars of the last one hundred years.

Great Britain is run according to the law, so that not even the King is beyond the law. As Bracton in the thirteenth century said, 'The King must not be under man but under God and under the law, because the law makes the king'. This gives us the Rule of Law , which renders everyone, no matter who they are, accountable.

Take the pretty wrapping paper off the REMAIN campaign and you therefore find treason.

Treason can be defined as the 'Death of the King, Queen... in the Execution of their Duties'. See the Treason Act 1351 .

Moreover, it is unlawful to hand any authority or power to foreign entities. Take a look at the Bill of Rights 1688 under 'Supremacy', where it states:

'...And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.'

So, again, the REMAIN campaign was about treason, or, at the very least sedition, which can be defined as, 'An insurrectionary movement leading towards treason' ( Blacks Law Dictionary ).

There are many now from both the LEAVE camp and the REMAIN camp who want the monarchy to go. They want the Queen to be removed. Some even suggest in all seriousness that the Queen is a lizard. Others suggest she is a traitor, a criminal.

But before we consider such accusations it might be best to know what we are talking about. We must distinguish between the woman Elizabeth Windsor and her title the Queen and the role of Queen.

The woman Elizabeth is not a title, nor is it a role. She is a woman who has a title and a role. Under the Rule of Law she is simply a woman, like all women.

A woman  is capable of treason, and capable of all crimes, but the title of the Queen is not. Hence the constitutional Common Law rule that 'the Queen can only do right'.

The function of the Queen is delineated by the law, which the woman Elizabeth must not break.

It should therefore be clear that attacks on the Queen are not necessarily attacks against the woman Elizabeth Windsor, but they are attacks against her title and role of the Queen, the Monarch.

That means such attacks are not only against national sovereignty, they are also against your own individual sovereignty, which is embodied in the Sovereign, the Queen. That is, such attacks undermine the nation and you.

They also undermine the Common Law.

They also play into the hands of those who want to hand your self-determination, your freedom, to those who want to control you and, ultimately destroy you - the families behind the big international banks and corporations.

There were many 'celebrities' who were publicly in favour of remaining in the EU.

They include:

JK Rowling OBE

Sir Elton John

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Bob Geldoff

David Beckham OBE

... and others.

Notice the royal accolades these people have. Notice also how much they all enjoy the royal limelight, while cozying up to royal family members.

What are these people doing? Yes, they want to destroy what they apparently love, which is the Queen, and therefore their own individual self-determination.

It is time, is it not, to begin to take life a little more seriously and to consider the importance of self-determination, self-rule or sovereignty?

It is time not to play into the hands of bullies who want to control our every move.

It is also time to rally around the Sovereign of our nation, while ensuring that the law is upheld, so that we may enjoy the freedom that comes from the fact that all men and women who break the law face justice.

Remember, in a Common Law nation, the Common Law is supreme and in that supremacy is your freedom


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