Astrology has been around a long time for good reason - many reasons, the most important of which is to point us, both collectively and individually, towards God and His Son and thereby help make our lives a whole lot better in so many ways from individual problems to relationships to adding meaning to God's Word.

Astrology And Its Uses

ASTROLOGY is simply the study of the celestial bodies and their meaning. It is, basically, a language.

And it was the original language of God’s Purpose. As it says in Seiss's Gospel in the Stars:

'It was the will of the eternal God to be known —to have creatures to understand and enjoy His glory— to provide for them suitable homes—to acquaint them with His intelligence, power, and perfections—to fill them with a sense of the existence and potent presence of an infinite creative Mind, from which all things proceed and on which all creatures depend.
All the purposes of creation we cannot begin to fathom or comprehend. No plummet line of human understanding- can reach the bottom of such depths. We stand on solid ground, however, when we say and believe that the intent of the physical universe is to declare and display the majesty and glory of its Creator. Hence the apostolic assertion : "The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead." But the particular ends and objects included in this grand purpose are as multitudinous and diverse as the things themselves. Among the rest, there is one especially expressed and emphasized in the text. When God created these heavenly worlds He said, "And let them be for signs."
'... What the stars were thus meant to signify, over and above what is evidenced by their own nature, interpreters have been at a loss to tell us. And yet there should not be such a total blank on the subject. Light has been at hand all the while. For ages this whole field has been almost entirely left to a superstitious and idolatrous astrology, which has befouled a noble and divine science and done immeasurable damage to the souls of men. But we here find it claimed to be a sacred domain laid out of God in the original intent of creation itself. And when I look at the deep and almost universal hold which a spurious and wicked treatment of this field has so long had upon mankind, I have been the more led to suspect the existence of some original, true, and sacred thing back of it, out of which all this false science and base superstition has grown, and of which it is the perversion. There is no potent system of credulity in the world which has not had some great truth at the root of it. Evil is always perverted good, as dirt is simply matter out of place. It is the spoliation of some better thing going before it. And so there is reason to think that there is, after all, some great, original, divine science connected with the stars, which astrology has prostituted to its own base ends, and which it is our duty to search out and turn to its proper evangelic use.'

It is no surprise therefore that the true study of astrology is about pointing is towards God – let them be for signs, yes, signs to God.

It is said in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17) that the Bible is all you need. And it certainly is. But the same can be said of the other Script of God, which is true astrology. That is, when used within specific limits, and when used so that it does not in any way remove meaning from the Bible.

Astology and personal use

It follows that just as the language of the Bible can be used to give solace, so can astrology, within the context of Almighty God, the Father of Christ, also be used to give solace. That is, astrology can be 'profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for discipline in righteousness, in order that the man of God can be complete...' (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

How can it do this?

Astrology shows us the basic ingredients of all Creation. It also shows that these basic ingredients are within us, and how they work with each other. Thus we have the basic ingredients of God’s Purpose within ourselves, and the more we work with them and understand them the closer we shall be with God. This can only lead to an improvement.

An astrological chart can therefore be used like a mirror, because in any chart there is the individual and his nature. So, for example, a man might have a difficult aspect in his chart between the Moon (emtions and a drive to merge emotionally) with Saturn (limitation, discipline, structure) as find that he has a problem with relationships. A good astrologer would be able to spell this out to him so that his expections are not so high.

Just as there is a types of relationship between one man and another, so there is a link between one chart and another that shows the dynamics of that relationship. Thus looking at a couple's charts can help identify areas of difficulty in that relationship so that the couple understand each other and also themselves a lot more. This immediately helps resolve the problem.

If you use charts in the way in the context of the understanding that astrology is about God and His Purpose, and you help you receive from it increases further.

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